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StadiArena Ltd

StadiaAreana LLP - Pop Concert

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StadiaAreana LLP - Basketball Court

Paul Fletcher designed and patented the StadiArena concept between 2005-2007.

For almost a century, stadium owners have been trying to commercialise their empty stadiums on the 340 days each year when the Stadium lies empty. StadiArena now provides that vital income that will keep these buildings profitable.

"From an outdoor stadium to an indoor arena in 20 minutes"

"StadiArena will revolutionise the way new and existing stadia and stands are built across the globe"

For detailed information: stadiarena.com look on StadiArena website:

StadiArena was launched in July 2007. Based in Meriden, Coventry within weeks the business had expanded with offices in London, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Cape Town, Moscow and Beijing. The speedy expansion was due to the input of Patric Cassidy of the Cassidy Group who invested in StadiArena within a week of seeing the concept. The Cassidy Group are now 50% shareholders in StadiArena and with Partners Paul Fletcher MBE, Ken Sharp and Mal Brannigan are keen to establish the concept worldwide over the next 5 - 10 years.

The two big questions when building a new stadium for football, Rugby or American Football are revenue and legacy. Many commercial initiatives have been tried over the last 20 years in the UK to make Stadiums profitable without success (unless the Stadium is subsidised by gate receipts from the Club).

When building Stadiums for World Cups or European Championships governments now concentrate their efforts on what 'legacy' the stadium will leave behind for the community once the event is over. The Stadiums (seat, pitch and concourses) of the last decade have been built with a 50 year lifespan and will be used for one year out of the 50 years. Lying idle for 49 years! StadiArena will revolutionise the way Stadiums are designed and built over the next decade and leave a lasting legacy for the communities they serve.


For clubs wishing to develop only one stand, StadiArenaBoxs provides the solution. This stand (which must be located behind the goals) provides a 'one-stop-solution' integrating the key revenue generators in football Stadia in the UK.

These are:

  • Entertainment
  • Exhibitions
  • Conference & Banqueting
  • Indoor Sport
  • & Hotel

StadiArenaBoxs provides all these elements in a fully designed, fully costed, business plan supported, solution


The Barns, Whitestitch Lane, Meriden, Warwickshire CV7 7JE, UK.

E: info@stadiarena.com

T: 0044 (0) 1676 524200

W: www.stadiarena.com