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Stadia Specialist Fields

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Bedroom Box

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Bedroom Box

Bedroom Box

Directors of football clubs who build a new stadium will do this once in their lifetimes.

Although knowledgeable about their own existing stadium, which will have evolved over the last 50 - 100 years, most football club Directors are 'naïve clients' when they begin the new stadium project.

It's not just knowing the answers, sometimes its predicting the questions!

Paul Fletcher has developed vast experience in the key Stadia Specialist fields detailed below. There is probably an additional 100 other items of less importance to add to this list:


  • Special Purpose Company Creation
  • Business Planning
  • Professional Team Selection
  • Architect Selection
  • Structural Engineers Selection
  • M & E Contractor Selection
  • Project Management Selection
  • Legal Project Management
  • Cost consultant Selection
  • Funding and Bankers
  • Interior Design
  • Legal Considerations
  • Main Contractor Selection
  • Tender Process
  • Pre Opening Costs
  • Employers Requirements Documents
  • Pitch design
  • Building Contract
  • Project team creation
  • OJEC requirements
  • State Aid issues
  • Site Planning
  • Planning/section 106
  • Design of Corporate facilities
  • Design of Exhibition space
  • Design of Executive Box Bedrooms
  • Design of Disabled facilities
  • Pitch Technology
  • Community Facilities
  • Rock Concert requirements
  • Rugby Union/League requirements
  • Closure of Existing stadium


  • Naming Rights Agreements
  • Stand Sponsorship Agreements
  • Executive Boxes Licenses
  • Private Seat licenses
  • Club Seat Sales
  • Catering Projections & agreements
  • Kitchen Design & operation
  • Brewery Projections & agreements
  • Exhibition design and operation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hotel design and operation
  • Car Parking/Barrier control systems
  • Office Accommodation
  • Rock Concerts
  • Casino Requirements/legislation
  • Restaurants and bars
  • IT and telephone requirements
  • Conference & Banqueting Fit out budget (over 450 items)
  • Electronic scoreboards
  • Legal documentation
  • Green Travel Plan
  • Local residents considerations
  • Rock event contracts
  • By Official Appointment
  • Bond Schemes
  • Ticketing and entry systems
  • Perimeter Advertising
  • Naming sponsors signage
  • Utilities requirements
  • Management team structure
  • StadiArena

Often, it's not just knowing the tasks, but knowing in what order the tasks should be completed. Like all things in life, it's all down to timing.

A very comprehensive 'prioritised action checklist' is essential before any project commences. After years of practice, you start to understand which chicken comes before which egg.

An action list is available which runs alongside this brief Commercial/Construction checklist.

Stadia Consultancy

Few people in the UK and Europe have the experience of Paul Fletcher. He has first hand knowledge of every aspect of Stadia Conception, Construction, Completion and Operation and often acts as a 'first point of call' for any football club or sporting organisation embarking on a new Stadium project.

Apart from the development of a new stand at Burnley FC, he is also advising Transtadia India, regarding a new 35,000 seater stadium in Ahmedabad, with 6 others to follow.