Stadium Consultancies


Over the last 25 years Paul Fletcher has consulted on numerous stadiums both in the UK and around the world. Often the English Premiership, the riches sports business on earth, is seen as the operating model for other countries to copy.

Paul Fletcher has been CEO at two clubs during their promotion into The Premiership and participation. He has also seen the 31 new UK stadiums and 59 redeveloped stadiums evolve following the stadium disasters in the UK in the late 1980’s.

During this period many mistakes were made in the construction of these stadiums, and many great innovations and revenue streams were discovered. Other countries looking to develop their stadiums will benefit greatly by studying the evolution of stadiums in the UK.

Two of these current consultancies are:

  • The Stadium, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • The Stadium, Philadelphia, USA.

Note: Both of these projects have taken the advice given by Paul Fletcher to defer from giving the development a ‘Project Name’, which can often complicate matters once the stadium is constructed and a naming sponsor is sought. As an example, should Nike wish to name the stadium once completed, there are no complications when naming the stadium ‘The Nike Stadium.