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The Seven Golden Secrets Of A Successful Stadium

How to Plan, Fund, Build and Operate a Sustainable Stadium Venue

By Paul Fletcher MBE with Ken Sharp

The received wisdom in football is that it’s all about broadcasting revenues. In fact, if you’re talking about growth, that’s not even true in the Premier League. Certainly not true down in the Football League and beyond either. Football’s still about supporters coming through the turnstiles on a match day and everybody else coming to your stadium durning the rest of the week. If you want to grow, you have to nail down more seats or, at least, find new ways of earning a few bob out of the ones you’ve got. Sooner or later, the future’s going to be about a new stadium or a redevelopment of the one you’re in.

Paul Fletcher used to make a living - just! - out of beating up centre halves. Last twenty years, though, Fletch has had more clubs than he ever did as a player. Built stadiums for them too: The McAlpine at Huddersfield, The Reebok at Bolton, The Ricoh at Coventry and the new Wembley. Right now, he’s redeveloping the ground that’s always been home: Turf Moor. The MBE, remember, stands for Member of the Burnley Empire. Paul’s had his successes, some of them spectacular. He’s made mistakes, too: and it may well be that it’s those mistakes which make this book worth your reading. Fletch has been there and done it. In his 7 Golden Secrets, he’ll mark out exactly what to do - and what not to do - if you want your club to be thriving ten years from now.

Tom Watt

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